Optrel Liteflip Autopilot Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Optrel Liteflip Autopilot Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Review

The Autopilot Optrel Liteflip auto darkening welding helmet is designed to streamline the welding process, offering intuitive controls, a lightweight design, and excellent safety features that both the pro and the hobbyist will appreciate. The flip-up design, complete with the automatic shade level adjustments make this helmet very beginner-friendly and a great buy if you need a welding helmet that’s versatile and built for heavy daily use.

Our Verdict: The Autopilot welding helmet features built-in shade adjustment capabilities that are designed to take the guesswork out of which shade level can provide adequate protection based on lighting conditions. The Twilight Technology feature is designed to gradually lighten the lens once an arc is inactive, in order to prevent eye fatigue and flash burns. Additionally, the ability to view realistic colors, contrasts prevents the welder from having to remove or flip up the helmet in order to check on the progress of a weld. Basically, this helmet is loaded with some great features that make it both beginner-friendly and an excellent choice for the pro in need of a welding helmet that can save them a lot of time on the job.

Keep on reading to learn more about the helmet’s ergonomic design and why it’s considered one of the leading flip-up welding helmets on the market.

Overview and Features

The helmet offers the welder total protection, whether they’re grinding, testing, or measuring. Because shade levels are automatically adjusted based on the material you’re working with and the arc, this helmet is very-beginner friendly, taking the guesswork out of what shade level should be used for ultimate protection.

Optrel Liteflip Autopilot Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Optrel Liteflip Autopilot Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flip-up style
  • Automatic shade adjustment
  • True Color Technology
  • Intuitive controls
  • Beginner-friendly


Shade levels include one, four, and five to fourteen. Shade levels are automatically chosen via the helmet’s built-in arc sensor system. The shade level will adjust based on the lighting condition.

True Color View

True Color View technology consists of specially designed UV and IR filters that make it possible for the welder to see natural colors, hues, and tones, during use. This will prevent the need to remove the helmet in order to check on a weld or closely monitor a weld puddle.

Twilight Technology

Oprel Liteflip’s patented Twilight feature allows the lens to instantly return to light in a gradual, natural manner. This gradual return to light is easier on the welder’s vision and can help to prevent eye fatigue.


The helmet weighs in at just five hundred and thirty grams. The goal of most welding helmet manufacturers is to keep the weight of a helmet as low as possible. On the job, after hours of welding, aside from eye fatigue, the most common problem is neck pain and tension. A lighter helmet can help to prevent this. Despite the fact that this is a feature packed helmet, the manufacturer has somehow managed to keep the weight reasonably low, which is a huge plus for any user. The helmet’s ergonomic design is supportive and promotes user comfort throughout the day.


This model is covered by a three-year product warranty.

Flip-Up Design

The flip-up design is perfect for the multitasker who grinds and welds.


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This model comes with a total of three arc sensors. The sensors are designed to automatically adjust the shade of the lens instantly once the arc is fired. For some, the lack of a more extensive sensor setup will be a drawback. Most pros can agree that a three sensor setup is more than adequate, however, at this price, we were surprised to learn the helmet didn’t feature a four or five sensor system. Yet, despite the lack of sensors, the helmet has a reputation for its ability to instantly detect an arc and adjust the helmet’s lens accordingly.


This helmet is perfect for a wide range of applications including:

  • Grinding
  • TIG
  • Plasma cutting
  • Plasma arc welding
  • Flux cored wire welding


  • Ergonomic design
  • Flip-up style
  • Automatic shade adjustment
  • True Color Technology
  • Intuitive controls
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Price
  • Three arc sensor system

Related Questions

Can this Helmet Work Indoors and Outdoors?

Yes. The wide range of shade options and the helmet’s automatic shade adjustment technology make the helmet a great choice if you work both indoors and outdoors. In fact, if you’re a beginner, the automatic shade adjustment will definitely come in handy if you’re not sure which shade level can provide the right amount of vision protection based on sunlight or indoor lighting condition. To learn more about automatic shade adjustment technology, click here to read our buyer’s guide.

Why Does this Helmet Only Have Three Arc Sensors?

While it’s true that the more sensors a helmet has, the better, this helmet has an excellent reputation for instant shade activation detection as soon as an arc is sparked. If you’re looking for a welding helmet with a more elaborate arc detector sensor setup, we recommend the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Mojo auto darkening helmet.

Can I use This Helmet for Brass Brazing?

Yes. Brazing is a welding process that involves the use of a brass filler rod that’s coated with flux in order to join steel. The type of helmet needed for this welding process is the same as what you would use for a basic outdoor application. Since this helmet has automatic shade adjustment technology, it would be a perfect fit for brass brazing. To learn more, click here to read our article on how to weld brass.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Optrel Liteflip Autopilot Auto-Darkening Welding HelmetIt’s not often that you come across an auto darkening helmet that’s both feature packed and beginner-friendly, but Optrel has created a helmet that can do just that. This versatile helmet is designed for a wide range of applications, features a lightweight design that reduces user fatigue, and comes with an automatic shade adjustment lens that ensures you’re using the perfect shade level for ultimate protection. We gave this helmet a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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